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How to contribute

  1. Before making a pull request please make sure that all tests pass. Run appropriate tests as described above.

  2. Make sure you follow the conventions declared in the wiki.

  3. We use ocamlformat to automatically format ocaml source code.

Setup and use ocamlformat

We are currently using this package at version 0.24.1. To pin and/or install the package at this version using opam do

opam pin ocamlformat 0.24.1

Then you can then run dune build @fmt to see a diff between your code and the formatted code. To promote the changes run dune promote. To do these two steps in one run dune build @fmt --auto-promote. If you want to, you can run ocamlformat in watch mode to continuously format the source as you work on it with the command dune build @fmt --auto-promote -w. You can also find instructions for tighter editor integration at ocamlformat's GitHub page.

For convenience, make lint will run dune build @fmt and make fix will run dune build @fmt --auto-promote.

Git Blame

Since automatic code formatting commits will obscure git blame we maintain a file .git-blame-ignore-revs that will contain the commit hashes of code formatting commits. We can then run git blame, ignoring these commits as:

git blame <file(s)> --ignore-revs-file .git-blame-ignore-revs

To make this setting persistent you can configure git like this:

git config blame.ignoreRevsFile .git-blame-ignore-revs

These instructions are adapted from See for documentation on the --ignore-revs-file option.